Theoretical Astrophysics

Kagoshima University,  Kagoshima 890-0065, Japan     

Professor, Dr. Keiichi WADA,
who has been working on theoretical astrophysics, especially on galaxies, interstellar medium, and Active Galactic Nuclei.
1965 born in Nemuro, Hokkaido
1989 Tohoku University, Department of Physics (dai-ni)
1993 Hokkaido University, Graduate school of Science,   Dr.Sci (Hokkaido University)
1994-1997  Hokkaido University, Center for Information Processing Education (Assistant professor)
1997-2009 National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Division of Theoretical Astrophysics (Assistant professor/Associate Professor)
1997-1998 Associate research scientist, Johns Hopkins University/Space Telescope Science Institute
2000-2001 Visiting Professor, University of Colorado, Center for Astrophysics and Space Science 
2009 - present  Kagoshima University (Professor)


Recent Activities


A paper by KW and Fukushige (M2 student) et al. accepted by publication in Astrophysical Journal


KW gave a talk at Annual meeting of Astronomical Society of Japan


Colloquium at Swinburne University of Technology, Center for Astrophysics and Space science (Wada)


SWANS/SNAWS meeting at Yamato Musium, Kure, Hiroshima    (Wada)

From recent papers

Wada, Fukushige, Izumi, & Tomisaka

"Circumnuclear Multi-phase Gas in Circinus Galaxy I: Non-LTE calculations of CO lines"

Astrophysical Journal in press


In this study, we investigate the line emissions from cold molecular gas based on our previous ``radiation-driven fountain model'' (Wada 2016), which reliably explains the spectral energy distribution of the nearest  type 2 Seyfert galaxy, the Circinus galaxy. Using a snapshot of the best-fit radiation-hydrodynamic model for
the central $r ¥le 16$ pc, in which non-equilibrium X-ray-dominated region chemistry is solved, we conduct post-processed non-local thermodynamic equilibrium radiation transfer simulations for the CO lines.