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Some important recent papers

  1.  1 Circumnuclear Multi-phase Gas in Circinus Galaxy III: Origin of the Narrow Line Regions Keiichi Wada, Kensuke Yonekura, and Tohru Nagao Astrophysical Journal 867  48  2018
    2 Circumnuclear Multi-phase Gas in Circinus Galaxy II: A novel view of the molecular and atomic obscuring strucgtures revealed with ALMA Takuma Izumi, Keiichi Wada, Ryosuke Fukushige, Sota Hamamura, Kotaro Kohno Astrophysical Journal 867 49 2018
    3 Circumnuclear Multi-phase Gas in Circinus Galaxy I: Non-LTE calculations of CO lines Keiichi Wada, Ryosuke Fukushige, Takuma Izumi, Koji Tomisaka Astrophysical Journal 852   88 2018
    4 Multi-phase Nature of a Radiation-Driven Fountain with Nuclear Starburst in a Low-mass Active Galactic Nucleus  Keiichi Wada, Marc Schartmann, Rowin Meijerink Astrophysical Journal Letters 828  L19 2016
    5 A precessing molecular jet signaling an obscured, growing supermassive black hole in NGC 1377? Aalto, S, et al.  Astronomy & Astrophysics  590  73 2016 
    6 Radiation hydrodynamic simulations of line-driven disk winds for ultra-fast outflows Nomura, Mariko; Ohsuga, Ken; Takahashi, Hiroyuki R.; Wada, Keiichi; Yoshida, Tessei PASJ  68   16 2016 
    7  Obscuring Fraction of Active Galactic Nuclei: Implications from Radiation-driven Fountain Models Keiichi Wada   Astrophysical Journal  812  82  2015 
    8 Time-resolved infrared emission from radiation-driven central obscuring structures in active galactic nuclei Schartmann, M.; Wada, K.; Prieto, M. A.; Burkert, A.; Tristram, K. R. W. MNRAS 445 3878 2014
    9  Modeling Line-Driven Disk Wind for Broad Absorption Lines of Quasars Nomura, Mariko; Ohsuga, Ken; Wada, Keiichi; Susa, Hajime; Misawa, Toru  PASJ 65  49 2013 
    10 Dynamics of Non-steady Spiral Arms in Disk Galaxies Baba, Junichi; Saitoh, Takayuki R.; Wada, Keiichi  Astrophysical Journal  763  46  2013

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